Wordfeud Free is a game app for your Android phone that works in the exact same way as a game of Scrabble. Unfortunately, just like your traditional board game form of Scrabble, your opponent is another human user, which means you might be spending a lot of time waiting for the other guy to make a move.

Once you open the application, you’re asked for your email address, then asked to select a user name. Once you’ve registered, you can invite a player into your game by user name, or if you don’t have any friends who share your affinity for the game, you can always conduct a search to find someone. There is, unfortunately, no option for playing with a computer player. This turned out to be the one enormous downfall of this application.

Just because someone accepts your invite doesn’t mean he or she is committed to playing with you. It might take some time to find a reliable opponent if you want to play in near real time. The best solution I could come up with was to start several games at the same time until I found someone who would take his or her turn on the cue of me having completed mine.

What’s nice about this app is that there is a menu that helps you monitor the multiple games you’re involved with. What I found to be especially helpful were the headers that divide games when it’s “your turn” and your “opponents turn,” so you don’t have to keep on opening windows to check on what’s happening.

On that note, the design of the app is very basic, and therefore very easy to use. There’s the board, your tiles and three buttons: Pass, Shuffle and Swap. Most people who are familiar with Scrabble will have no trouble figuring out how this app works.

The occasional advertisement will pop up (this is the cost of keeping the app free), but you can easily skip over it. The ads aren’t all that intrusive, but if pop-ups bother you, there are upgraded versions of this game that don’t feature any advertising at all.