I started using Rocket VPN when I was at a conference outside my country. I tried to access my university papers on the website of my research community, but I realized that I have no access to those data from my current geographical area.

Not being able to reach the material I published on my own was ridiculous on one hand, but understandable on the other – my professors did not want to have the valuable information used outside the country by certain people, mostly by university staff from another country who refused to pay for contribution.

Of course, this is a quite rare example, but I wanted to show that an app which hides your geographical data and allows you browsing in private is not necessarily used for illegal business. Accessing geographically restricted content might be very useful when you are on holiday and which to read the content from your home country for instance.

Why I mentioned Rocked VPN App, and not another one, is that there is a very good feature I often use even this day. Rocket VPN is able to launch my applications and connect them to my preferred location quickly, by using simple shortcuts. This is an extremely good feature, since I am able to post on my social media sets without having to tell my actual location – great when I do not want to tell that I work from home and not from the headquarter of the company in the city nearby.

Anonymous browsing, provided by the app, is also a great feature which I use quite often when I would like to check how a websites functions without knowing all my personal secrets stored in the cookies of my browser. If you ever try to manage internet ads, you know what I am talking about. It is also great that I can visit certain sites in incognito mode – I do not want the remarketing ads of a medical site to pop up in my browser any time.

Rocket VPN has a good price-value ratio. The free version of the app provides you the 250 MB of data usage/month – enough if you do not want to use it for some big dirty businesses. I personally really like the graphical design of the app as well.  It is clear and funny, without being uselessly decorative. I almost forgot to mention that it allows the user to choose between several VPN servers – which provides another great many opportunities for the tricky ones.

In conclusion, Rocket VPN is a good choice if you do not want to learn internet hacking, but need fast, anonymous access for sometimes blocked things. Consider installing this app if you travel a lot, do not want to get spied on your we traffic, or just want to keep private ion the net.