The photo sharing abilities of the Google+ app are probably its most interesting feature. Within the settings, users can decide to upload every image they shoot with their Android device directly to Google+ instantly. But don’t worry — they don’t magically appear in your public stream, or we could all be in a whole heap of trouble. They go to a private folder, and users can choose whether they want to share them with Circles or make them public to all. This instant upload feature is seamless and perhaps a little quicker than uploading and then posting images to Facebook and Twitter. And of course it’s crucial that the user still has to decide what becomes public!

The bigger picture

There’s a lot more to said about the good and bad of Google+, and there’s plenty of commentary out there already about the service itself and what it offers. I wanted to at least take a look at the Android-specific app. Though it’s lacking a bit of the functionality of its mother website, it’s a pretty good start and a nice way to keep up on Google+ while out and about.

Whether Google+ will be a success is anyone’s guess. People are hunting for an alternative to Facebook, what with its issues with privacy, clutter, and other far more entertaining reasons.

Google+ certainly streamlines the social networking experience drastically, giving you far greater control over what you see and what you want to share. Can it succeed or even make an imprint in a social world dominated by the hugely popular Facebook? Only time will tell. There’s still more work to be done making Google+ more intuitive (with photo sharing, search, shortcuts, etc.) and getting used to things being a little, well, different from other social sharing services. But so far it’s getting a tentative +1 in my book.