Complete Biology (Free)

One of the most popular biology app in the market with over 100,000 downloads. Success apps are frequently updated, which is the case here, too. Complete in the title has a real meaning, since the app discuss most of the main branches of biology from cells to ecology. The app contains tutorials, dictionary, possible exam questions and many more. Both the content and the app itself are of excellent quality.


Biology (Free)

Another generalized content biology app, mainly for high school students. It has lots of content and great figures, unfortunately the current version does not work offline.

A-Level Biology (Free)

As the name suggests, the app is useful for starting to learn biology. It has nice pictures and graphs and a content that is equal to a 100 pages long textbook. A superb tool to deep your knowledge in basic biology.

Basic Biology (Free)

Although the design of the app is not the beautiest, it is a good generic biology app. It has a content equivalent to a serious textbook and there are topics that cannot be found in other apps.

Biology Dictionary (Free)

I don’t like to read long texts on my phone but a dictionary in hand is always make me feel better. It has more than 3000 terms at the moment, not bad but could be even more!


Biology Tutoring Videos (Free)

Being the student of Patrick Roisen at Stanford is a good thing, because he knows how to make biology fascinating. Using this app, you can also take part on some of these classes.

Biology: Changing the World (Free)

It is an excellent application, not to learn biology but to know the scientists how helped biology to develop where it is in our century. Great stories, scientists with photos and some quizzes, too.

Learn Biology (Free)

It is a modern app with a great design and nice fonts – I know this is not the most important when we talk about biology but is a sign of quality. The app focus is mainly cell biology.

Genetics and Evolution (Free)

This is an amazing app from Duke University, not just a book like many others but it contains many interactive tools to deep your knowledge in genetics. Highly recommended!