4 Pics 1 Word

As one of the most addictive trivia games, 4 Pics 1 Word is able to provide hours of entertainment in a simple to understand game. Although many copies of the app have surfaced as a result of its viral success, the original stands to remain the best version available on the Google Play Store. The premise of 4 Pics 1 Word is extremely simple in that players are required to predict a particular word from a cluster of letters, while being provided with just four pictures as a visual clue. For every correct answer, the player earns points which can then be accumulated to be spent on hints in subsequent puzzles. Furthermore, the points collected are used to rank players in a global community so that those who are able to solve the most puzzles and earn the most points are higher on the leaderboard to provide friendly competition.

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Trivia Crack

In the form of timed questions, Trivia Crack combines cartoon pictures with an extensive variety of trivia questions in a turn-based head-to-head system to compete with those either in the room or those around the world. With its colorful designs, the game is extremely intuitive to start. All that a player needs to do is spin the wheel to answer questions on various topics such as Science, Sports, Geography, History, Art, or Entertainment. The round ends once one of the players acquires six characters first. Through the use of power ups, players are able to influence the game to be in their favor. Appropriate for all ages, the difficulty of the game is minimal as to provide an opportunity for a wide range of ages to participate. To further facilitate the idea of creating a friendly environment for a large demographic, players from around the world can only play against one another if they are matched in skill level which Trivia Crack determines as to not create unfair conditions for new players.

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Sports Jeopardy

In the niche category of sports, Sports Jeopardy offers an interesting way to test sports knowledge. With the traditional Jeopardy format that many are accustomed to, the app adds a sporting twist to cater to those who are only interested in answering trivia questions related to athletics. With Sports Jeopardy, players are required to compete for clues from a comprehensive variety of trivia categories including fan culture rules, stats, and lots of other popular games.

Giving the player the opportunity to play with others locally or in the international arena, there are several modes available for the players depending on their preference and level of competitiveness. For example, the most competitive players of Sports Trivia are able to compare their performance against their friends or other players in the week and on the all-time leaderboards. Furthermore, the ability to track stats as players advance through the levels allows for the unlocking of character customizations such as sport-themed podiums and costumes.

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SongPop 2

As a major update to SongPop, SongPop 2 features the “name that tune” head-to-head quizzes of the original game while adding additional features to it. With more sophisticated gameplay modes such as Music Quiz Practice mode or Party Mode, the game has gone through massive upgrades compared to its predecessor. Featuring a massive library of playlists in which players are able to test themselves with, the available songs are divided into genres and era including Classic Rock, Country, as well as music from as far back as the 60s and 70s. While playing against other players, coins are earned for each match won which can be used to unlock new playlists to participate in more head-to-head challenges. For those who are more interested in a trivia game based around music, SongPop 2 is one of the few apps available that solely focus on music instead of a wide range of categories.

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Quiz: Logo Game

Every day, many people are exposed to thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of logos. Often times, the subtly of how these logos are integrated into everyday products make them easy to overlook although their presence is evident. From coffee cups to pencils, logos can be found in order to distinguish companies and products from one another where some are extremely well recognized and others are less familiar. In turning the growth of logos into a trivia game, Quiz: Logo Game provides players with the opportunity to guess the name of companies solely based on their logos. Despite being extremely simple in nature, the game can be addicting as many logos are recognizable but their names remain at the tips of our tongue. With over 2,000 logos from around the world, identifying all of them can prove to be difficult. For this reason, a limited amount of hints can be deployed for the ones which are unidentifiable. Ultimately, Quiz: Logo Game is one which is both simple and captivating for all ages.

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Trivia, one of the fastest growing sectors in the games categories, has been known to provide a significant amount of entertainment whether with those in the room or across the world. For some of the best trivia games available on the Google Play Store, this list provides the ones that offer the highest entertainment value for all ages.