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Fresh Android Apps for Oct. 24: Haunted House HD, Postcard on the Run, Trulia - For Rent, Ragdoll Blaster

by Ian Black

Start this spooky week off right. Haunted House HD will set the mood for the upcoming candy filled night out.

The rest of today’s fresh list gets rounded out by mix of old and new mail (Postcard on the Run), an apartment-hunting tool (Trulia — For Rent), and an unusual game (Ragdoll Blaster).

Haunted House HD ($1.99)

I don’t usually feature Live Wallpaper in Freshies but this one stands out as both cool and very timely, so it’s rule-breaking time.

Immerse your Android in a beautifully rendered 3D haunted house landscape. You’ll find flying bats, glowing jack-o-lanterns, scary ghouls, and much more. Customize the wallpaper through the settings page to show your own text on the creepy mailbox, a different face on the pumpkin, and many other personalizations.

Need more? Go inside the house to view the spooky fireplace, paintings, a mysterious piano and floating ghosts.

Postcard On The Run (Free)

Apple recently announced the new Cards app that let’s you turn photos taken with an iPhone into real postcards that get sent through the mail. This app performs that same function for your Android device.

Capture a new photo or choose one from the gallery, add your own special message, enter the recipient’s details, sign it with your finger, and – boom – your personal postcard will be printed and sent through the mail with correct postage.  Using a mobile-only feature you can add a map of your current GPS location to your card.

Prices start at 99 cents per card and you can pay with credit card or PayPal.

Trulia – For Rent (Free)

Lots of apps cover house hunting but this one focuses on the renter. Quickly customize a search that delivers results for a specified area that fits your profile. It’s easy to save or “nix” apartments you visit from your list and write in notes to help you remember the highlights. Capture photos and add them to a listing and share your finds with others via social networks.

Sign up for email alerts for when new listings or open houses appear in your target area, let the colors provide a visual on the ones you’ve already seen and the ones you haven’t, and search by voice.

Ragdoll Blaster (Free)

Like to fire cannons, launch ragdolls, and solve puzzles? Then you won’t find a better fit anywhere in an Android game.

You must fire a ragdoll into a bull’s-eye target. Sounds easy except that ramps, mazes, fulcrums, and a bunch of other stuff stands in your way. Shoot, shoot, shoot, the dolls until you can maneuver the puzzle and strike the target.

Don’t expect glitzy. The hand drawn (think kindergartener) graphics give it a quirky homemade feel that suits the offbeat challenge.