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Fresh Android Apps for Oct. 21: Shoeboxed Receipt Tracker, Spy SMS Control Free, Angry Cowboy

by Ian Black

Today’s fresh apps are all about tracking. Capture and retain your receipts for tax purposes using Shoeboxed Receipt Tracker, monitor a remote phone with Spy SMS Control Free, and count the bottles you stop a drunken cowboy from chugging in Angry Cowboy.

Shoeboxed Receipt Tracker (Free)

Clever name for this financial sanity app. Do you keep all the receipts that you can expense in a shoebox on the off-chance the IRS audits you? Use your mobile phone to clear the clutter.

Just snap a picture of each receipt using this app and type in a description. The app will recognize the amount and the date. When you’re done with a group, export your expense report to QuickBooks, Quicken, FreshBooks, Outright, Xero, and other formats, or simply email the report right from your device.

Spy SMS Control Free (Free)

Need to keep close tabs on a cell phone that you pay for but isn't in your physical control? Think Spy SMS Control.

Send in text message commands to receive a record of all text messages the tracked phone sends or receives, lock the phone, turn on a loud alarm, obtain the location of the phone, get the IMEI number, view lists of missed calls, and many other handy tracking features.

Please use your powers for good!

Angry Cowboy (Free)

What drinking problem? This cowboy claims he’d like to stop drinking but he keeps ending up in a saloon. Just being there makes him angry so he starts shooting every bottle he can find.

Aim the gun and shoot to clear the shelves of bottles without hitting any of the nearby food. Fire at the beer mugs in mid-toast among the saloons guests. Shake the gun to reload when you run out of bullets. Most importantly, keep an eye out for special bombs that, after a direct hit, will clear the screen of bottles and glasses.