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Fresh Android Apps for Oct. 20: Voice Wiki, RPG Eve of the Genesis HD, Heroes Fight

by Ian Black

If you need to study on the history of Halloween, try talking to your phone with Voice Wiki.

When its time for fun, rage against the machines in RPG Eve of the Genesis and duke it out with the devil in Heroes Fight.

Voice Wiki (Free)

Sure, you’ve started experimenting with voice input on your Android, but now you can do something really productive.

Control Wikipedia by your voice using this app. Shake the phone to start a new search, choose from the results by saying the result number out loud and sit back while the app reads the pages to you. Swipe to move forward or backward within an article. Follow hyperlinks on a page by saying the hyperlink’s number (as read to you by the app).

Additional voice commands let you control the entire app via voice so that you can operate both eyes-free and hands-free.

RPG Eve of the Genesis ($3.99)

The war between humans and machines began 2,000 years ago in this sci-fi fantasy RPG. Back then, the machines created The Eve of Zero as the ultimate weapon to destroy humanity.

Now, after 2,000 years, the battle still rages. You must control the village characters and battle to victory. Follow the quest in this Legends of Zelda style game through the dungeons, and battle the monsters as you encounter them.

This app has been optimized for the Xperia PLAY and tested on the Motorola XOOM and LG Optimus Pad.

Heroes Fight (Free)

Prepare to dual opponents of all shapes and sizes in the massively multiplayer online and mobile game.

Rise from the class of servant by participating in hand-to-hand combat challenges, trash talk through a chat system, purchase additional equipment, and battle over four levels. Visit friends within the game and comment on their profiles or participate in daily community challenges to earn extra points.

If you reach the highest skill level, you get to fight the devil.