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Fresh Android Apps for Oct. 19: US Senate Directory, Cosmonauts, Enclosure

by Ian Black

One of my very first jobs was building cattle enclosures at Beale Air Force Base in Northern California. It was gratifying in that exhausting physical labor way, but I can’t say it was a lot of fun. Here’s hoping today’s fresh game Enclosure is a good time.

To share your political fervor, try US Senate Directory and for blast from the cold war past, check out Cosmonauts.

US Senate Directory (Free)

In this time of political tension, you may want to keep closer tabs on what your Senators are doing. This app will help.

Read the question currently being debated then browse the voting records – Yay or Nay – of each Senator. Explore the directory that includes the name, party and state of each Senator and if you have something to communicate to him or her, you can do so through the app.

Frustrated? Let ‘em know how you feel.

Cosmonauts (Free)

One positive thing about the space race of the last century — the competition between the US and the Soviet Union — pushed space technology to the highest heights.

Here the battle for space never ended. This app delivers a turn-based war game in the outer limits. First choose a captain (each with special talents), then pick a ship (with cute names like Sweet Revenge) and customize it. You can even shop in the Cosmonaut Store for extra weapons.

Blast off over 30 levels of play against online opponents.

Enclosure (Free)

Game developers keep innovating in the tower defense category. Here you get to position your towers and build the whole battlefield.

The enemy can enter and exit from any point on the screen, so you must construct “enclosures” which drive them down funnels and make them travel around well-defended corners.

The stylized light board you create gives the game a unique look and the war strategy keeps it challenging. Set your battlefield and let your turn run.