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Fresh Android Apps for Oct. 17: iOnRoad, WiFiKill, Google Translate update, Go Go Goat!

by Ian Black

Today’s fresh Android list delivers a diverse mix of applications including a couple that would never be possible on the locked-down iPhone. For safer driving try iOnRoad Augmented Driving, to police your Wi-Fi network use WiFiKill, for going more international download the Google Translate update and for fresh fun try Go! Go! Goat!.

iOnRoad Augmented Driving (Free)

Can’t afford a high-end sedan with collision avoidance technology? That’s the beauty of owning an Android smartphone.

Attach your phone to your windshield with a suction device that allows your phone’s camera to view the traffic ahead of you – you’ll need to obtain the windshield mount on your own – then run this app. It will show Green (all fine), Yellow (warning – car ahead getting a little too close for safety) and Red (apply brakes – collision danger ahead) as you drive. The description says to use this app as an extra pair of eyes, watching the road, in case your kids or your radio distract you.

It runs in the background so that you can do other things on your phone and still receive the warnings.

WiFiKill (Free)

The Spider-Man comics (and movies) have a fundamental theme about super powers – advice told to the hero Peter Parker by his Aunt May – with great power comes great responsibility. That fits here.

This app lets you view the users of a Wi-Fi network and select them individually for booting off. The idea, of course, is to protect your own home or business network against Wi-Fi bandwidth thieves, but you can imagine the darker possibilities here.

Fortunately, this app works only for Android users with rooted devices.

Google Translate update (Free)

Chalk this amazing technology up to another of Google’s 20 percent projects, where Google employees get to work on whatever they want for 20 percent of their work time.

This update to Google Translate adds 14 languages to Conversation Mode, allowing you to select two different languages – say French and English – and converse with someone while your Android device translates back and forth like an interpreter. The languages are: Brazilian Portuguese, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin Chinese, Polish, Russian, and Turkish. This update also lets you edit recognized text in Conversation Mode and view the results in full screen.

Go Go Goat! (Free)

Need a diversion? How about a new jumping game?

For this game’s main character – a mountain goat – jumping from treacherous rock ledge to rock ledge comes naturally. You must guide the goat onwards and upwards to reach the highest heights while avoiding the obstacles like a deadly vulture or a giant spider that will send him crashing back to earth. Power-ups you must capture include a rocket and invincible shield.

Don’t let this game get your goat! The first users say the beautiful hand-drawn graphics and catchy soundtrack make it hop.