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Fresh Android Apps for Oct. 13: Top Gear: News, Let’s Golf 3! HD, Contract Killer: Zombie

by Ian Black

Think extreme with today’s fresh Android apps. We’ve got extreme car reviews with Top Gear: News, out-of-this-world sorts with Let’s Golf! 3 HD, and over-the-top zombie hunting courtesy of Contract Killer: Zombies. Grab some more coffee and start the downloading!

Top Gear: News (Free)

For car lovers, TV doesn’t get any better than the BBC’s Top Gear, which comes over cable to the US. There’s something particularly cool about watching three grown men (who veer enormously from the typically-staid British TV personalitiy stereotype) “put the pedal to the medal” in a European sports car worth more than your house.

This fresh app brings the show to your phone, complete with news, opinions, excellent photos, rowdy video, and “random nonsense” from the hosts. A social network feature allows you to share with friends and an offline mode lets you read in envy while on the subway.

Let’s Golf! 3 HD (Free)

This 3D golf game isn’t kidding about the “HD” part. Expect large downloads before you’ll be able to tee off. But, once installed, you can swing away on a golf odyssey that includes the Great Wall of China and Outer Space.

Early players say the incredible detail of the graphics makes it special and several multiplayer modes, including local Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or on the same device, makes it a party. Customize your golfer with unique hair-dos, clothes, or accessories and then purchase additional golf skills by earning in-game coins.

Contract Killer: Zombies (Free)

I imagine the game designers over at Glu Mobile had a difficult time trying to think up ways to outdo – as in more blood, more gruesome head shots – their popular Contact Killer. Then someone must have shouted out, “zombies!” and now we have the result.

This game earns no points for originality, but if you’re into killing the undead you won’t find a more graphic representation of your fantasy anywhere in the Android Market. Choose from among 20 weapons, including sniper rifles, hand guns, assault rifles, and machine guns, then drop the hammer and paint the landscape red.