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Fresh Android Apps for Oct. 11: LHSee, eLock, Musaic Box Lite, Birzzle

by Ian Black

Here’s to another short work week! Expand your brain with LHSee, protect your apps with eLock, try the unique music game named Musaic Box Lite for free, or play a possible new mega-hit game called Birzzle.

LHSee (Free)

There’s more to mobile apps than zombie games and social updates. Learn more about the Large Hadron Collider at CERN in Geneva. This app, co-developed by Oxford University scientists and those from the ATLAS program at CERN, brings the collider to your Android device.

Discover what types of collisions occur in the LHC and how the different segments of the collider works. The best part: the app beams live 3-D “collision events” from CERN to your device, so that you can apply your newly learned skills in deciphering the results.

eLock (Free)

Sure you know how to create a PIN code for your Android device, but you probably hand your device to family and friends on occasion when sharing a game or some other app. Wouldn’t it be nice to protect your other stuff – say your bank app – from prying eyes? That’s where eLock comes in handy.

This app protects individual applications on your phone with either an alphanumeric password or a passcode gesture. Choose which apps will be protected from a list, then set your password, along with the hint, and the email address for the worst-case-scenario when you forget which password you’ve used. For a gesture, sketch your finger around a nine-point cube and the app will save it for locking your apps.

Musaic Box Lite (Free)

Musaic Box first launched a couple of weeks ago but this Lite version lets you give it a try before you buy.

As a reminder, Musaic Box delivers a unique musical game experience where you must correctly re-assemble pieces of classical or modern music from a collection of parts and solve other music-related puzzles. Expect cool graphics, quest-like seek and find scenes, and lots of music samples.

Download the Lite version to find out what all the buzz is about.

Birzzle (Free)

How’s this for brilliant? Combine elements of two of the biggest mobile games in history in order to create a new hit. Birzzle crosses fowl like Angry Birds with the matching gameplay of Bejeweled. And so far, it looks like the creators might be onto something.

Drag cube-ish birds around in a grid to make a match of three or more and then watch the birds explode in a cloud of feathers. Use your quick-thinking skill to unlock lasers and whirlwinds that will clear large numbers of the winged ones from the board.

Catch this wave before the movie tie-ins start.