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Fresh Android Apps for Oct. 10: ADT Pulse BETA, Gun Strike Beta, Puffle Launch

by Ian Black

Happy Columbus Day! Discover additional home security with today’s fresh ADT Pulse BETA, shoot some comical villains in Gun Strike Beta, and let the kids play Puffle Launch on your Android device.

ADT Pulse BETA (Free)

Never have one of those “Did I set the house alarm?” moments again. If you subscribe to ADT Pulse from the ADT security systems, your Android device just became more useful.

Use this app to arm or disarm your home security system anywhere using your Android device. You can even toggle lights and control your thermostat if they are also connected to the system. For the ultra-paranoid, the app also lets you watch live video of what’s going on at home or receive text or email alerts of “important events”.

Feel safer or just more afraid?

Gun Strike Beta (Free)

Like a game with a sense of humor? This first person shooter might just fit the bill. The targets are all comically drawn – the dictator with a beret, the terrorist with a gas mask and a bowie knife, and the nut with head-band and the crazy stare – and the effects are enjoyable, including realistic explosions and the dramatic “death drop”.

Expect over 15 military grade weapons, six theme maps with over 60 levels, and two fun mini-games that will remind you of a carnival booth. Earn money for weapon upgrades and the chance to buy some armor and grenades.

Taunt your friends over OpenFeint and bounce along to the soundtrack and sound effects.

Puffle Launch (Free)

You may not know what Club Penguin is but every child under 10 in your life does. Disney owns the online community for kid fun and this app marks a spin-off game for mobile devices.

The bad guys have stolen your “Os”, so your Puffle must don a helmet, get fired from a big cannon, and knock out the enemy while collecting back the treasure. The gameplay here is as creative as the online community, with fans, balloons, trampolines, and much more that will keep your Puffle aloft for extended periods of time.

Launch through 24 levels in order to fight the Crab Boss. Any virtual coins you earn in this mobile edition can be transferred back to