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Fresh Android Apps for Oct. 7: MakeItMP3, Doctor Bubble, Adrenaline Crew Motorcycle

by Ian Black

My stomach feels queasy from the rollercoaster ride of the Android Market. One day the fresh list feels chock-full of great apps and then there are days like, well, this.

Convert video to audio with MakeItMP3, get medical assistance for your bubble game addition with Doctor Bubble, and join a virtual Sons of Anarchy gang in Adrenaline Crew Motorcycle.

MakeItMP3 (Free)

This app’s title says it all. Imagine you’ve videoed a lecture and want to hear it rather than watch it, or perhaps you have a video of your kid playing in a recital and you want the song on your iPod.

MakeItMP3 turns video formats into MP3 audio. How? It’s not exactly clear but it must process the audio channel from the video file. What video formats does it support? I’m not sure because the details are vague in the app’s description. But, one thing seems clear – it works, say the many rave reviews.

Doctor Bubble (Free)

Bubbles might be fun soapy suds or they may be dangerous killer microbes. Guess which kind require the intervention of Doctor Bubble?

Shoot at the bubbles using a syringe. Like classic bubble shooting games, random colors fire from your hypodermic with every push of the plunger and your challenge is to create a string of three bubbles of the same color in a row to make them disappear and try to clear the board.

I wonder where the good doctor earned his medical degree?

Adrenaline Crew Motorcycle ($2.99)

Join a motorcycle game while remaining within the safe and sane confines of your daily routine. Get your motor runnin’ and ride, fight, and stunt your way across the country. Stunts include wheelies (both front and rear tire) and standing on your seat while blazing down the road. Fighting means bumping or kicking riders next to you so that they crash their rides.

Never trust fellow riders, they will try to make you dump your bike whenever they can.