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Android App Tablet Review: TweetComb

by Marty Gabel

TweetComb is a fully-functional Twitter client that takes full advantage of your tablet’s large screen real-estate.

With three panes visible (similar to the approach of Tweetdeck), plus the ability to add more, it’s convenient to see everything that’s going on with your Twitter feed on a single screen. You can also add multiple searches or lists and see them next to one another, though it’d be nice to add more. TweetComb offers most of the basic functions Twitter users enjoy like notifications, alerts, profile searches, and it’s neat the way the latest Twitter trends appear at the bottom of the window.

It only works in landscape mode right now, and there’s no ability to log-in with multiple accounts at the same time, but Tweetcomb is regularly updated so the developers are likely to keep enhancing its functionality.

As a Twitter client that makes nice use of your big-screen tablet though, TweetComb is fast, easy-to-use and offers just enough to keep most non-power users happy.