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Fresh Android Apps for Oct. 4: The Washington Post, AudioSpeedChange, At Bat update, Constant C

by Ian Black

It’s October. The fourth quarter of the year has begun. If you have any resolutions left for this year, it’s time to start cranking before next year’s resolutions come along. I resolve to get more out of my Android.

For the best political journalism in the world try The Washington Post, for throttling up your audio files check out AudioSpeedChange, for the best of the post-season download At Bat 11, and for fun, try Constant C.

The Washington Post (Free)

Better late than never, a wise person once said. The Post might not be the first newspaper to deliver an Android app, but who would want to live in a world where this news agency wasn’t available in a mobile format?

Expect what The Post does best – smart journalism about politics, Washington D.C., and the nation and, of course, the occasional investigative story that changes the course of the United States and the world (see: Watergate).

Need more? Look for photo galleries, traffic specific to the Metro D.C. area, and weather for the Beltway and the world.

AudioSpeedChange: xSpeedPlayer (Free)

Sometimesfastisgood. Say you’ve taped a lecture and you actually don’t want to spend another full hour reviewing it. Or, perhaps you need to transcribe a recording and slowing things down would help your accuracy. AudioSpeedChange to the rescue.

The trick to this app: it changes the speed of audio playback – slower or faster – without altering the pitch, so you won’t hear chipmunk voices. It adjusts speed in real time or can export a new speed file in .WAV or .MP3 formats. The speed range goes from 25 percent (1/4 speed of original) to 400 percent (four times speed of original). Use for podcasts, music, or whatever else you can lay hands on. At Bat 11 update ($4.99)

It’s post season for Major League Baseball. Sure, not every team we wanted made it into the post season – including my Red Sox – but expect some great baseball nonetheless.

This app gets you up close and personal with the playoffs, league championships, and the World Series. Watch video of in-progress games, listen to home and away radio broadcasts, view a pitch-by-pitch tracker, and customize your home screen with your favorite team.

Constant C (Free)

Gravity schmavity! The little robot, whose name is the app’s title, must save the universe single-handedly. A dark force has invaded the galaxy and gravity has vanished. The robot must navigate through puzzles, with your help, and find the secret to bring gravity back.

You’ll find 29 levels and you’ll need to learn new robot skills along the way to make it to the center of the dark force. Remember, falling objects crush little robots.