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Fresh Android Apps for Oct. 3: Conqu, Robot Adventure, Icebreaker Hockey

by Ian Black

In today’s fresh app list, get organized with Conju, teach a robot to fly in Robot Adventure, and try for a hat-trick in Icebreaker Hockey.

Conqu (Free)

Need to get organized? Conqu lets you customize your tasks in ways that work for you.

Create a project for any effort, then assign the energy required and a deadline. You can also assign tags and context to any project. Filter project by using any of these criteria, delegate tasks to other, assign projects to the “back burner”, or work offline.

The Android tablet version was specifically designed to make use of the extra screen real estate, the phone version is trimmed down to work on the smaller screen.

Robot Adventure (Free)

This robot is on a flying adventure but he needs a little help.

Guide the machine to greater heights and see how fast you can get him there for the highest scores. Avoid obstacles like zeppelins, planes, lasers, and other UFOs, but try to catch every diamond power-up you can.

You’ll find 32 different missions and over 20 different times of equipment that the robot can upgrade to after completing a mission.

Icebreaker Hockey ($2.99)

What are the most thrilling parts of hockey? The skate, shoot, and score parts. This game boils hockey down to its essence.

You control a solo skater who must skate down the ice, deke the defenders, and shoot past the goalie for the goal. The beginning levels have your player up against just one defender and an open goal but will add more defenders and a goalie to increase the difficulty as you level-up.

Add points to your score by skating over extra point areas labeled on the ice or by showboating before you shoot. Watch out, ‘cause the opponents play rough and will attempt illegal skate-first tackles or checks to stop you.