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Dreaming Android app dreams

by Dan Kricke

I don’t identify myself as a “Mac guy” or a “PC guy.” I don’t own any devices running Android either, so I am definitely not qualified to be an “Android guy.” I am more a “guy who enjoys fun and interesting things,” although that would not fit very well on a business card.

To this point in my life, I haven’t been much of a tablet guy, either. I love my laptop and and I love my iPhone, but I’ve rarely wanted a gadget that would place itself between the two with the exception being a nice e-reader. With the announcement of the Kindle Fire however, I might get a chance to become not only a tablet guy but an Android guy, too. And the possibilities are relatively thrilling for this nerd.

I understand that the Kindle Fire’s Amazon Appstore is going to be different from Google’s Android Market, but I’d be surprised if most of the Android favorites don’t make an appearance there. And that opens up an entirely new avenue to test out apps.

Sure, there will be the overlap with the iTunes App Store. I’m not going to suddenly download two versions of Angry Birds and Cut the Rope. That would be weird, even for me.

But what about apps like Beautiful Widgets ($2.70)? It’s currently the Number 2 top paid app in the Android Market and I’ve never heard of it! I want fancy weather and data widgets with cool graphics that impress my friends. I could get very into that.

I’m missing out on new games, too. There’s Dragon, Fly! ($0.99), an arcade-style game where you try to keep up a flying dragon’s momentum as he runs through hill-filled lands. I was just thinking that there weren’t enough dragon-based arcade games in my life and now here we are.

What I’m getting at is that even if the Kindle Fire’s Android Appstore starts out as something less useful than the Android Market, there are potentially going to be a whole slew of new-to-Android gamers who will finally be able to get their hands on apps that they would otherwise never have heard about.

It’s the equivalent of the first time you were old or wealthy enough to purchase two video game systems, so you picked up the Nintendo system for all the great first party stuff and a PlayStation for your sports game needs. Some people make choices, other people pick and choose from life like it’s a giant dessert cart.

Finally, we can have our app choices like we’d have our desserts. We don’t really need two different phones, but I know plenty of people who would grab a phone and a tablet. The choice is yours, so take ‘em both.