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Fresh Android Apps for Sep. 30: Unlike City Guides, Hipmunk Flight Search, Jelly Defense

by Ian Black

Is it too late to take a summer vacation? Plan your fantasy getaway by perusing the inspired Unlike City Guides, book your agony-free itinerary with Hipmunk Flight Search, and play Jelly Defense until it’s time to go.

Unlike City Guides (Free)

Sure, there are lots of city guides out there but these look a little different. Sponsored by Samsung to promote the Galaxy S II, these guides provide insider travel knowledge provided by experts.

Choose your city – this starter set covers Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, London, and Paris – then dive into restaurants, hotels, cultural highlights, and night spots. Expect beautiful photos, video tours, and secret finds you won’t read about in a standard guidebook. Press the "Inspire Me" button for a random location.

The app works on all Android devices, not just the Samsung Galaxy S II.

Hipmunk Flight Search (Free)

Booking travel isn’t much fun. Travel agents have mostly vanished so wading through the ocean of choices for flights and other logistics has fallen to each of our individual to-do lists.

This app shakes up the usual search criteria with an “agony” index that includes factors like total travel time and number of stops to sort your flight options from least painful to most.

When you find what you’re looking for, you can purchase the flight right from the app, send it to a desktop app, or jump to the airline’s website.

Jelly Defense ($0.99)

Not your typical tower defense game. This jelly planet is peaceful and calm until it gets attacked by angry invaders.

The set pieces of this game take the spotlight. They look like whimsical creations made by someone like Dr. Seuss and when the fight breaks out – with jelly weapons blasting clay aggressors – the mess paints the landscape.

Expect random acts of nuttiness, like when the game reverses and the jelly people must snake through the tower defense of the invaders.