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Smartr Contacts tops Android Apps of the Week

by Kristen Nicole

Xobni has undergone an overhaul, re-branding its newer products Smartr and launching them on Android and Gmail in private beta. Looking to simplify your address book, Smartr ranks contacts in order of importance rather than alphabetical order. If it’s file access you’re worried about, CrashPlan has also landed in the Android Market. And once these apps start taking up too much space on your Android, try SanDisk Memory Zone to manage and backup local and cloud memory with its new app.

Smartr Contacts - Beta (Free)

With a new look and a new name, Xobni heads to Android with the free Smartr Contacts app. It’s a new way to organize your contacts, listing them based on your interactions and the frequency of those interactions, whether you’ve exchanged emails, text messages or phone calls. Every contact gets a profile, even if they’re not saved in your address book. Filter contact search by exchange or calendar history, company or keyword. View your exchange history for any contact, aggregating points of interaction across your phone, email and social networks. Smartr will recommend others to include on a message, assigns phone numbers pulled from email exchanges and Google Contacts, and helps you manage relationships, not just contacts.

CrashPlan (Free)

As more consumers demand access to files from their mobile devices, more backup services are launching Android apps. CrashPlan lets you securely back up content across multiple locations, enabling restoration with the click of a button. And you can now access your files directly from your Android phone. Browse folders and files, download them to your device and be sure that you’re pulling the latest version of a file. The CrashPlan app is free to download, but you’ll need an account (which could cost you) with the service. There’s a PRO Android app for premium users as well, also free to download.

SanDisk Memory Zone (Beta) (Free)

Does your notification bar often have an alert reading “Phone storage low?” You just may need the SanDisk Memory Zone app for Android, currently in beta. The free app lets you manage your device memory from one central location, also allowing you to backup your local and cloud memory. Move files back and forth between your memory card to various cloud services, and even set up passwords for apps you don’t want wandering fingers to find. The best part about taking control of your phone memory is improving its performance, enabling regular updates to push through, and ensuring there's space for the apps that matter most.

Pixlr-o-matic (Free)

Some of my best photos have been candid shots taken from my Android phone, but they still don’t compare to the shots I printed in a darkroom during my “creative” years. If you get nostalgic for old school photos (and still have a camera that requires film, lens filters and a removable flash), then you’ll enjoy Pixlr-o-matic. This Android app adds retro effects to your smartphone photos, layering in filters, cool lighting and borders to make your high-rez photos look a little more organic.

Honest Label (Free)

I try to eat healthy, avoiding sneaky ingredients that don’t make it past the marketing guise of most food manufacturers these days. So I diligently scan the ingredients of everything I buy, wallowing in the aisles of grocery stores. Honest Label hopes to streamline the process, providing manufacturer and nutritional information with the scan of a bar code. You can personalize the app to highlight unwanted ingredients, and it also shows colorful charts and graphs to help you clearly and quickly take in the necessary information. Recently updated to show manufacturer information for any item in its database, Honest Label continues to grow.

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