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Fresh Android Apps for Sep. 29: Shazam update, Flickr, Guns’n’Glory WW2

by Ian Black

Hear that beautiful music? It’s announcing the arrival of your daily Fresh Android apps! Find out the song’s title and artist by using Shazam, snap a photo of your wonderful morning with Flickr, then remind yourself of the sacrifice of our fallen heroes by playing Guns’n’Glory WW2.

Shazam update (Free)

When Shazam first launched, it shortened small talk conversations around the world. No longer did people burn precious minutes asking, “What song is this?”, they just opened Shazam on their phone and it told them. The thing is – this “tagging” of songs had a limit – then you had to pay for more. So, the small talk started up again.

Did you just hear that symphonic crescendo? With this update Shazam delivers free unlimited tagging. Now you can tag songs you already know just to scope the lyrics, watch a video, share on Facebook, get recommendations, or buy it.

Need more incentives? A “Shazam to Win $25,000 and Meet Kelly Clarkson” sweepstakes might just do the trick. Just Shazam a song to be entered to win cash or that special rendezvous.

Flickr (Free)

It’s official! An official Flickr app release from Yahoo!, that is. Careful when you select it from the Android Market ‘cause there are about a thousand unofficial Flickr apps in there.

This genuine article delivers all the features you’d expect. Capture pictures from your device’s camera directly through the app, enhance the images with filters, upload easily to Flickr, share through Facebook and Twitter, and tag photos with location, title, a description, and comments.

Use your existing Flickr account or register a new account from within the app.

Guns’n’Glory WW2 (Free)

Here’s the sequel to the popular Guns’n’Glory. It’s another quirky twist on tower defense games.

You choose your side – US Forces or Axis Germany – then pick your map from 12 different WWII locations. Upgrade your units with an RPG-like system and fight with a wide variety of weapons. Expect the unexpected like bombs dropping from the sky, fires, explosions, and all the other sights and sounds of war.

Optimized for Xperia PLAY, but it runs on other devices too.