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Fresh Android Apps for Sep. 28: Smozzy update, Football League Clubs, 9mm HD

by Ian Black

Are cool things happening in the Android Market? You betcha! For a radical cost saving approach to mobile try the updated Smozzy Beta, to stay up on British soccer, download Football League Clubs’ App, and for policing gone wild, play 9mm HD.

Smozzy Beta update (Free)

Raise your hand if you like saving money. This potentially revolutionary app lets you browse the web over your mobile device without a data plan.

The first release only supported T-Mobile SIM cards but this update adds “experimental” support for AT&T and Sprint subscribers and lists “untested” support for Verizon, Virgin, Cricket, Straight Talk, US Cellular, and Viaero SIMs as well.

Do carriers love this idea? I’m guessing not, so before they catch on to this technological loophole, check it out for yourself – just make sure your plan features unlimited SMS and MMS messaging.

Football League Clubs’ App (Free)

No, this isn’t the NFL, you American heathen, this is the football the rest of the world knows, loves, and likes to fistfight and stampede over.

The focus here is on British lower league clubs, which I’m told garner some of the world’s rowdiest fans. For free, you get club news, player profiles, a Live Match Score Center, and the ability to follow more than one team. A small monthly fee, adds videos, loses the ads, and promises more features to roll out over the course of the season.

Read the app’s description for the long list of supported teams.

9mm HD ($6.99)

Feel like taking the law into your own hands? Then, become John “Loose” Kannon, a hard-nosed detective who likes to shoot first and ask questions never. Kannon and his team are stuck in a jam and now every gangster in the city plans to retire them all to shallow graves. The only way out – Kannon must cut the head off the snake and kill the leader of the gang before it’s too late.

The only requirements for this third-person shooter are a high-end Android device and a thirst for violence. Expect blistering 3D action, a booming rap soundtrack, pervasive profanity, high-caliber weapons, and cinematic gunfights.