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Fresh Android Apps for Sep. 26: CrashPlan, ChannelCaster, Stardash, Asteroid Defense 2

by Ian Black

The holiday season at the end of the year will soon be upon us. Enjoy your last free weekends without the need to shop for gifts or attend family gatherings by trying some Fresh Apps.

Use CrashPlan for access to your files while out and about, try ChannelCaster for a new take on the news, play Stardash for some retro fun, and duke it out in Asteroid Defense 2 for the future of planetary defense.

CrashPlan (Free)

Need to access files on-the-go? If you already use CrashPlan for file backup and storage, you’ll be excited about this fresh Android app.

CrashPlan’s mobile app gives you access to any item stored in CrashPlan Central. CrashPlan works across platforms so you can backup both Macs and PC info there. This app lets you select files to download and view locally. You can select multiple files without waiting for the one to complete.

If you don’t use the service you can sign-up for a 30-day trial through this app.

ChannelCaster: Social News (Free)

Don’t let established news sources control your view of the world, see what other individuals think or become your own news publisher.

ChannelCaster lets you create your own channel and stitch together stories and multimedia from a variety of sources. Mash-up content all related to a particular topic or connect things based on your own personality.

While you’re at it, browse the social casts from others on the network. You’ll find streams on fashion, spirituality, and many other topics. The app also supplies tickers for weather, stocks, and horoscopes.

Stardash Free (Free)

Modern mobile games may be more intense than arcade and TV console games of the 1980s, but they aren’t more fun.

Stardash is a newly created side-scroller with all the aesthetics of Super Mario Bros. and other games of that era. Like the originals, this game starts easy, where you can run and jump over obstacles without much difficulty. As you level up, however, the challenges become harder and harder. Every extra life you acquire will matter.

Don’t take my word, read the rave reviews that say it’s both familiar and fresh.

Asteroid Defense 2 ($4.99)

How about a fresh twist on the tower defense game genre? Here there’s no maze and your towers aren’t locked in a stationary box. The enemy comes in the form of an asteroid storm – with rocks of all shapes and sizes – and your defense position arrives in the form a space station that you build up and upgrade in real time to keep the asteroids from destroying it.

Add blaster guns, lasers, flamethrowers, freeze cannons for defense; solar panels for more energy, and shields to protect from the on-going maelstrom. The ship moves in space so the action is exciting. Campaign mode comes in easy, normal, and hard modes to fit your skill level.