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Fresh Android Apps for Sep. 23: Antipaper Notes HD, Media Remote, SketchWars HD

by Ian Black

Today’s fresh list brings a trio of Android tablet apps. Antipaper Notes HD replaces your paper notebook, Media Remote for Tablet overpowers your TV remote control, and SketchWars HD delivers arcade action in “doodle” form.

Antipaper Notes HD (Free)

Perhaps all the “paperless” movement needed was an Android tablet! This new tablet app delivers all the goodness of writing and drawing without the wood pulp.

Draw diagrams, notes, letters, and pictures freehand and save them away for later retrieval. Tools let you choose different thicknesses of pen points and various colors of ink. Organize your notes into notebooks, each with their own name.

Zoom into pages for a better view, highlight things you’ve written, or send a handwritten and hand-drawn email.

Media Remote for Tablet (Free)

Own a recent model Sony TV or Blu-ray player? Then, download this app immediately.

Use in Simple Remote mode for the easy-to-use basics or go Full Remote for in-depth controls, all with the elegant use of touch. Bring up a virtual QWERTY keyboard to type TV shows or movie names.

When using with a Sony Blu-ray player you can view cast and director information right on your tablet or jump out to YouTube for video content related to whatever you’re watching.

NOTE: This app does not work with PlayStation.

SketchWars HD ($1.35)

If you’ve read the Freshies for a while, you know I’m a fan of “doodle” games, so I’m excited to try SketchWars HD. The concept: a doodle version of an arcade classic like Asteroids.

Using the on-screen touch controllers, maneuver your ship around the screen and fire away at the asteroids, space junk, and enemy vessels aiming to blow you out of space. The magic, of course, is that everything, and I mean everything, is hand-drawn graphics – your ship, the missiles you fire, the asteroids, even the explosions – with fantastic comic-book style sound effects like “Pow!”, “Splat!” and “Zooing!”

In fact, the space you travel over looks like the page of a notebook, which becomes splattered with ink as you play.

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