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Fresh Android Apps for Sep. 22: aShare, A.I.type Tablet Keyboard, Destinia

by Ian Black

Bored by the new season of TV shows? Trick out your Android with some new amazing apps and spend time with it instead. Today’s Fresh list brings an easy way to share stuff (aShare), a keyboard tablet (A.I.type), and an action role playing game (Destinia).

aShare – over the air sharing (Free)

Need an easier way to share between your Android devices? This app makes sharing photos or files just a touch away.

With the app loaded onto two Android devices in close proximity they will find each other. You can then select a file on one device – from the device storage, the gallery, or a new image from the camera – press and hold, and choose the nearby device from a list.

The app includes a desktop view that makes it even easier to use, just like you’re sliding photos or files around a tabletop with your fingers.

A.I.type Tablet Keyboard Beta (Free)

This popular alternative virtual keyboard now comes in an Android tablet version.

This app suggests the next word, completes spelling of the current word, and corrects typos, all with surprising accuracy. This tablet version sports extra large keys, a numeric row, and navigation keys for moving through sentences and paragraphs.

Need more? Select the split keyboard mode for typing on your tablet using only your thumbs or skin the keyboard to look like Windows 7, iPhone, Windows 8, and other sleek styles.

Destinia (Free)

All hail the new action RPG!

Main character, Duke, is imprisoned after refusing to kill innocent civilians in the magical land of Destinia. Rebel princess, Crystal, nurses Duke back to health and the two join together to fight the evil empire. Sound familiar?

You’ll find over 30 hours of gameplay, 39 skill trees, the ability to construct and combine objects, and the chance to raise a companion pet.

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