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Fresh Android Apps for Sep. 15: Google Goggles update, Manila, BrainJiggle, DarkMaze

by Ian Black

The morning news shows tell me that it’s going to be a beautiful weekend. I’m planning to take smart photos (Google Goggles), stay on top of my bills (Manilla), jostle my noggin (BrainJiggle) and wander around in the dark (DarkMaze).

Google Goggles update (Free)

Like the Augmented Reality that the Google Goggles app provides? Then, you’ll want to get the latest update.

It provides intelligent photo recognition. Run the Goggles app in the background as you snap pix with your phone’s camera and Goggles will do its best to recognize whatever’s in the photo – including art, famous landmarks, products, and other stuff – and then tag the photo with augmented information like the title, location, and other attributes of the photo’s subject.

The version also now “responds to barcode intents” and if you know what that means, please let me know.

Manilla (Free)

Paying bills late gives you a poor credit score. You could try to manage everything from your home but what’s the fun in that?

Manilla lets you manage all your bills while out and about with your Android. The service claims to have access to all national and regional service providers (and many local ones as well). With the app, you can check your current bill and the due date or set up automated reminders.

The service claims to feature bank-level security and you can log-in and see all of your accounts with just one password.

BrainJiggle (Free)

Some say puzzles help keep the mind young and might even lift your spirits up. Even if none of that is true, at least you can use this app to baffle your friends over cocktails.

BrainJiggle delivers fifty different logic puzzles across ten levels of complexity. If you can’t figure out a puzzle’s answer you can use the embedded social networking hooks to ask your friends. If you’d rather not risk feeling stupid in public, use the answer available right in the app.

Global leaderboards rank you against the world.

DarkMaze (Free)

You’ve probably played fun maze games like Labyrinth. Well, this one is a little different.

You’ll need to guide the large silver ball through the big 3D maze, but that’s a whole lot easier than it sounds. First, it’s pitch dark (as the title suggests) so you’ll only be able to see what nearby torches illuminate. Second, there are trap doors, secret panels, and other stuff that will help you get past laser fences and other obstacles.

Don’t take my word for how fun it is, just read the rave reviews.

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