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Remember 9/11 with these Android apps

by Kristen Nicole

It seems we all remember where we were on September 11, 2001, a memory made all the more poignant as the 10-year anniversary of 9/11 arrives. We all have a story to share about that life-changing day, whether we saw the events firsthand or on the television. From real-time news to augmented reality, Android apps have enabled a new level of appreciation for the shared experience of 9/11, and maybe these apps can help us continue working towards a better future, celebrating the day the World Trade Center memorial opens to the world.

9/11 Memorial Guide (Free)

StoryCorps has spent the past few years working on the collection of 9/11 stories, all in an effort to create a long-lasting, digital tool that guides visitors through the Memorial at the site of the World Trade Center. The initiative has recorded a story to honor each life lost on 9/11, memorializing nearly 600 individual victims of the attacks. With the app you can search the names of the Memorial and listen to select StoryCorps interviews, painting a picture of what happened on that fateful morning.

Smithsonian Channel (Free)

The Smithsonian Channel is doing a special for 9/11, looking back at the events of the day. With a program called 9/11: Day that Changed the World we get a first time look at former President George Bush’s experiences, spanning from dawn to midnight on September 11, 2001. It’s a behind-the-scenes view that will be syndicated on the Smithsonian Channel’s many outlets, including cable TV, Android and iOS apps. On the 10-year anniversary Bush speaks out about the career-defining day, which changed the course of an entire nation, then under his command.

CNN App for Android Phones (Free)

In addition to the Smithsonian, you’ll be inundated with 9/11 stories on any national broadcast news application. CNN’s ongoing coverage will provide a steady stream of related updates, sharing personal stories and relevant news of the Twin Towers’ site, now a memorial in remembrance of a nation’s heartache. CNN provides news, live videos from iReport and notifications for breaking news for Android smartphones and tablets. CNN also comes with radio streams, and a custom widget for getting headlines that pertain to 9/11 and its surrounding events. NPR is also likely to run its 9/11 special on its Android app as well.

Wikitude World Browser (Free)

Two years ago, Mobilizy demonstrated the power of its technology with an augmented reality vision of the Twin Towers. Through the use of its Wikitude augmented reality World Browser, Mobilizy built a virtual memorial in remembrance of the 9/11 attacks. If you’re planning on visiting the site on this 10-year anniversary, you can point your Android phone camera to the place where the World Trade Center once stood, viewing a 3D rendering of the Twin Towers. It’s a digital revival that commemorates all the contributions and sacrifices laid at this site, as the real world memorial opens here this year.

Twitter (Free)

Twitter keeps the pulse of the world better than any other web-based service out there, making it the perfect place to be when it comes to 9/11 news and stories. Sure to be a trending topic, you’ll be able to access commentary from top pundits to witnesses, American citizens and those in foreign lands. Filter tweets by Lists, seeing the many individuals and institutions 9/11 affected, and continues to affect to this day. Converse with friends about 9/11, share your personal stories, and be a part of history.

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