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Fresh Android Apps for Sep. 7: GEODOG, SoberApp, KidsProof Launcher, Third Blade

by Ian Black

Life is getting back to normal. School and Congress are both back in session, the economy is still sinking, and is back with the freshest apps in the Market.

Track your mutt with GEODOG, sober up with SoberApp, play safe with KidsProof Launcher, and find your smile with Third Blade.

GEODOG Mobile Lite (Free)

Dog gone? Betcha’ wish you had GEODOG. Contact the GEODOG collar on your dog and it sends back a geo-location SMS that this app converts to a pin on a map. The app lets you inquire into a dog’s location with the touch of one button. It will show you the dog’s distance away from your current location and then guide you there with street navigation or compass directions. It can also be configured to locate multiple dogs – all wearing GEODOG collars.

Before you get too excited, check the price. This free version works only for a 14-day test period. A single collar costs 300 Euros and the full app starts at 99 Euros.

SoberApp (Free)

Bring this app along when you go out drinking. Enter your gender and weight, then input each drink you consume – both type and amount – and it calculates whether or not you’re over the legal blood alcohol limit.

It keeps track of when you start drinking and the timing of each drink you have to crunch the numbers. At any point it can tell you how long you must wait – without drinking any more alcohol – before you can safely drive.

A country selector helps it determine the legal blood alcohol limit for your location. Share the drink history over Facebook or contact a taxi through the app. The most dubious feature – if you’re under the limit, the app helps you find a nearby pub.

KidsProof Launcher (Free)

My kids have accidentally dialed my editor at Don’t let this happen to you!

Anyone with small kids occasionally uses their phone as a calming distraction while out and about with rowdy little ones. Unfortunately, with all that phones can do now, the kids are just as likely to text your boss or watch Family Guy as they are to play the game you intended. This app limits all phone functions to only those you allow, including barring all calling and texting and only launching selected apps.

This is a trial version, but the full version is still cheaper than a babysitter.

Third Blade (Free)

What’s better than a sword? Three swords! This anime action game delivers three blades for your monster-slaying pleasure. Dual Wield lets you slash with blazing speed across multiple monsters. One Handed Blade provides safety against attacks but moves more slowly than the Dual Wield. And, Two Handed Blade is the Mother-of-All-Swords – it destroys monsters with a single blow, but it weighs a ton and is therefore hard to swing quickly.

Need more? Visit the shop and buy skills for your sword-fighter and strength to your blade.

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