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Fresh Android Apps for Sep. 2: LiveSorter, Smart Lyrics, Office Jerk

by Ian Black

You made it! Labor Day Weekend has arrived. As always, it’s bittersweet – a long relaxing weekend of fun which, unfortunately, marks an unofficial end to summer. Avoid the melancholy and keep your emotion meter pegged on joy by scoring some fresh apps from your Android.

LiveSorter makes app organization automatic, Smart Lyrics improves your Android karaoke, and Office Jerk helps you live through another day of the office grind.

Have a great weekend! Meet you back here on Tuesday.

LiveSorter (Free)

Life just keeps getting easier. First came the dishwashing machine, then the TV remote control, and now LiveSorter.

Organize the apps on your phone into proper categories – like apps and games – without doing a darn thing. LiveSorter waits silently – no battery, CPU, or memory usage – until it wakes when you download a new app. The free version has four basic categories – All, Applications, Games, and No Category and a grid view, but the paid version includes folders for each category of the Android Market and an optional list view.

Smart Lyrics (Free)

If you’re like me, you’ll be singing along with a track playing on your phone when suddenly you have no idea what the singer is actually saying. Then you fill the space with either humming or some random nonsense words. Save yourself from future embarrassment with Smart Lyrics.

This app sits in your Android’s notification bar until you need it. While playing a song on your device – it supports many Android music playing apps – drag down the notification pane and touch Smart Lyrics. It will search the web to find the lyrics of the currently-playing track and download them to your device for viewing immediately or later while offline.

Office Jerk ($1.01)

Take out your frustrations over all the Dilbert-like politics going on in your office by playing this mean-spirited but harmless game.

Here, a timid office worker sits quietly at his desk trying to get work done. You grab various objects from around the office – stapler, an egg, a cupcake, coffee mug, and so on – with a flick of your finger to throw at him so that you can watch the result. Strangely, points are awarded for your bullying and mayhem.

To whom, I wonder, does title of this app actually refer?

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