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A Skitch in time saves a mediocre photo

by Ian Black

Not every photo captured on your Android device is a work of art suitable for framing. Sometimes it’s just a wacky shot of friends with goofy expressions – and those are perfect input for the Skitch app.

Skitch lets you annotate, draw on, and share photos from your Android device quickly and easily. As with other photo-editing apps, you can either pull a picture from your device’s gallery or snap a new photo directly from the app. The editing tools appear as simple icons framing the photo. You can draw with a multi-colored crayon, create arrows, frame objects with square or circle shapes, and add text.

Additionally, you can select any element you’ve added and erase it, “go back a step” in your latest changes, or clear all edits from the photo and start over. The tools are all well-designed and easy to figure out and use.

Kids will find this utility a blast. With just a few taps even a small child can get silly with a photo and unleash his or her imagination. At the very least, the app will keep little ones occupied while you’re out and about and, best case, your kid will create fun and memorable pictures to share.

With one touch, the app connects to all your social outlets, including Facebook, email or even Google+, so it’s easy to entertain or embarrass your friends and family with your or your child’s creations.

What’s not to love? Well, other photo editors provide stamps and other objects for accessorizing photos, so hopefully the Skitch developers have a roadmap of additional tools. But, overall, it’s free, fun and useful.

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