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Fresh Android Apps for Aug. 25: Google Docs update, BeyondPod, Dragon Hunter II

by Ian Black

Creating documents on your device? You’ll be happy to learn about the new update to the Google Docs app.

For podcasts fans, check out the super-powered BeyondPod for Honeycomb. And, for fun, test your David and Goliath skills with Dragon Hunter II.

Google Docs update (Free)

Will Google Docs become the preferred document format for Android phones? This update of the Google Docs app brings some pretty cool new features.

Look for support for 45 languages in addition to the original English, the ability to open docs in any compatible app on your device, send docs through email or multimedia message, and quickly copy an image from your Android gallery to the Google Docs web clipboard.

BeyondPod for Honeycomb (Free)

Love podcasts? BeyondPod app for Honeycomb-based Android tablets breaks out of beta and into the Android Market.

This big and bold podcast manager uses all the real estate of tablets to your advantage. Listening to audio podcasts and watching video podcasts are just the beginning. Download RSS feeds to your latest subscriptions, schedule your podcast downloads, decide how long to keep old ones around, and more.

This free version provides a 7-day trial.

Dragon Hunter II (Free)

You think you have it tough? Try living next door to a dragon.

You must defend your king’s castle against a dragon attack. Unfortunately, all you have for weapons are arrows. Fortunately, some of the arrows come with special powers like poison or the ability to make the target dizzy.

When you take out a dragon, use your cash reward to make repairs to the stone walls or upgrade your arrows. Shoot arrows by flinging your finger over the screen.

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