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Fresh Android Apps for Aug. 24: OVERVI3W Security, Doodle Devil, The Infinite Black

by Ian Black

Phone security is becoming more and more important as we store greater amounts of personal information on our phones. To try a free phone security service, check out the OVERVI3W Security Tracking App.

When it’s time to play, get evil in Doodle Devil F2P, or take on the universe in The Infinite Black.

OVERVI3W Security Tracking App (Free)

Worried about someone stealing your phone? OVERVI3W delivers phone security and tracking on the cheap, meaning free for its basic features.

The free version allows for viewing your phone’s current location on a map, remotely locking or wiping your device, sounding an alarm, and viewing the phone’s current contacts.

If you buy the full version, you’ll add the remote viewing of browser history, call logs, text messages, listening-in on phone surroundings, and more.

Doodle Devil F2P (Free)

Ever play the game Alchemy? This game takes a dark turn on Alchemy’s concept.

Here, you get to invent over 150 elements – like murder, death, demons, beasts and zombies – by combining the elements you have on hand. Ultimately, you can destroy the universe with just a human and an apple.

Famous quotes about the meaning of life every few screens, help keep you moving forward in this thought-provoking game. Paying real money for extra energy quickens the pace.

The Infinite Black (Free)

Play this sci-fi Massively Multiplayer Online game (MMO) for free. Take complete control of your destiny by choosing your role – intergalactic warrior, space trader, or corporate overlord.

Customize your interaction with different space ship templates, then battle your way through this space opera against thousands of other players who have assumed the roles of pirates, aliens, and other beings.

Join forces with friends to create Galactic Corporations and take control of the universe.

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