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Fresh Android Apps for Aug. 19: Secure Settings, apzOrb Free, Joining Hands

by Ian Black

In today’s Fresh Apps, augment your Android automation with a plug-in called Secure Settings. Or, watch the oldest cell phone get psychedelic in apzOrb and help creatures become more social in Joining Hands.

Secure Settings (Free)

Do you use the automation utility called Tasker? If so, this plug-in adds power to that tool.

As a reminder, Tasker lets you link trigger events to actions – like loading a particular app when you receive a text, or sounding an alert when your device storage is low. By adding Secure Settings, you can bypass your Android’s lock screen, run a Linux command, wake your device, and much more.

Secure Settings also works as a plug-in for the location and time aware settings manager called Locale.

apzOrb Free (Free)

If you feel nostalgic for the old school cell phone game Snake, you’ll want to check out apzOrb.

This game reinvents Snake for color touch graphics. Here, your snake is made from colored cubes. In ninety seconds, you must guide your snake (using touch controls) through space to absorb as many cubes as possible that are the same color as you.

Watch out! Absorbing cubes of a different color poisons your snake. Eat too many off color cubes and your snake will die. Share your high scores over OpenFeint.

Joining Hands ($3.45)

This original puzzle game works on Android phones and Honeycombed-based tablets.

Meet the Peablins, a strange blob-like race of creatures who must join hands to fend off the Bogeyman. Your challenge is to arrange the Peablins correctly in the honeycomb grid so that they can all join hands and escape to the next level.

There are obstacles – like rocks – that can’t be moved and there are some creatures that are only happy if they are alone and not part of the group.

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