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Android app News360 captures headlines from all around you

by Ian Black

Are you a news junkie? If so, you’ll want to check out News360. It’s an interesting take on news aggregation that's certainly worth a look. Whether you stick with it depends on personal taste.

Upon launch, the app displays the latest stories from a variety of sources — the description claims more than 4,000. If you have “Use GPS Locations” checked in settings, it will use your whereabouts as a starting point for news sources you might be interested in.

Browse through the stories by flicking left or right, then tap on an article that interests you. That’s when News360 uses its “semantic analysis” technology to dig in deeper than other news apps. It highlights each story with words or terms that you can touch to bring up more details on that relevant person or sub-topic, using News360's own dossiers and profiles. It also provides a list of other articles at the bottom that relate to the one you’re currently reading so you can do some serious research on any event.

Flip up the menu from the bottom of the app to quickly switch general subject areas, like politics, world, tech, crime, sports, health and so on. Tap the favorite icon to save a story for reading later, touch the search icon for a keyword hunt, and share favorite finds via Facebook or Twitter.

All in all, the app does a great job of quickly bringing you up to speed on world events. You can brief yourself in a few minutes before any get-together and be the life of the party.

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