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Fresh Android Apps for Aug. 12: Fantasy Football 2011, Box, Chop Chop Free, My Country

by Ian Black

This season of football was so close to not happening that it’s a little like a fantasy in itself, but if you still need to get your virtual gridiron on, check out NFL Fantasy Football 2011.

To maximize your Android try the Box update or slash out some notes with Chop Chop. And, in your spare time, make your own nation with My Country.

NFL Fantasy Football 2011 (Free)

This football season was saved by a whisker and this official NFL fantasy league app similarly arrives just in the nick of time.

Go mobile with your fantasy league on your Android. With this app you can create a new fantasy league or join an existing one, sit or start players, add or drop players, manage trades, and read the latest real player news.

This app sports a redesign over last year’s version and comes with custom icons and other new features.

Box update (Free)

Still need to connect your Android to cloud storage?’s app has been out since January but this new update delivers support for Honeycomb-based Android tablets.

You get 5GB of storage free and with it you can send big files and share content across devices. The service lets you search for files, share files via links, and save files to your storage server through other Android apps.

Chop Chop Free (Free)

Obsessive compulsives unite! Chop Chop cuts through the pain of taking notes on your Android.

Four one-touch sections let you quickly jot numbers, words, checklists, or pairs. The app recognizes phone numbers, email addresses, as well as longitude and latitude coordinates. It also allows you to share notes over social networks, search notes, backup and restore, or export to CSV and TXT formats.

A widget lets you take notes right from your home screen.

My Country (Free)

If bakeries, grocery stores, or tattoo parlors aren’t big enough for your ambition, why not build and manage your own country?

Decide on residential housing zones, plan and construct commercial real estate, develop new industries, sign federal contracts, and oversee the transportation of goods. Not stressful enough? Then take on ecology and energy consumption and use.

I’m naming my country Ian Land and, after a few rounds, I’m going to apply for the top job in Washington.

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