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Find out what’s happening in your neighborhood with Localicious for Android

by Caitlin M. Foyt

There's a whole lot of competition when it comes to location-based recommendation apps. White Page's Localicious for Android has taken care to distinguish itself a bit, though, so this one won't get lost in the shuffle.

Localicious is similar to popular apps like Yelp, Urbanspoon, Patch Places and Citysearch. The application taps into your phone's GPS and then lets you know what's nearby. Whether you’re looking for restaurants, fitness facilities, banks, veterinarians, dentists, hair salons or dry-cleaners, you simply type in your search at the top of the app's menu screen.

What's nice about Localicious though, is that searches are broken down by neighborhood rather than by where you are on the map. This way, if you're looking for the hot spots and things to do specifically in Chinatown, happenings in Little Tokyo won't show up in the results.

The app also has a pretty neat Foursquare feature unlike anything I've seen before. Users are able to link up their social network's account and “pre-check-in” to a business or public place before their arrival. This way, the app will automatically check you in the moment you arrive at your destination.

One Localicious feature that I'm especially fond of is the small (non-intrusive) “nearby tips” notification that appears at the bottom of the app's home screen. These tips let you know what meals come highly recommended at a restaurant, inform you of places that are attracting a crowd (in case you're wondering where the party is), and even note the quality of a business' service.

Because Localicious was created by White Pages, you already know that it has a massive database of neighborhoods and local businesses, but please keep in mind that this app isn't available everywhere.

I took special note of a review I came upon in the Android marketplace, and then discovered the same error for myself: One user complained that some of the White Pages information is not swiftly updated to weed-out the businesses that have closed, changed names or moved. This can become irritating if you're trying to track down a place while in a hurry.

The app does seem a bit redundant at first glance, but there truly is a lot of value to be found in Localicious.

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