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Fresh Android Apps for Aug. 5: DSLR Controller Beta, The Going to Bed Book, Agent (Shoot the Targets)

by Ian Black

Just in time for the weekend, use DSLR Controller to forge a special relationship between your Android and your Canon digital camera. Put the kids to bed early with The Going to Bed Book, or practice your survival skills with Agent (Shoot the Targets).

DSLR Controller Beta ($8.56)

Got a Canon EOS DSLR and an Android phone? You’re good to go for this interesting app.

It lets you take complete control of your camera from your phone. With Live View you can look right through your camera’s viewfinder via your device (at 15 frames per second), zoom-in and out, change focus, see histograms, change shutter speed or aperture settings, and much more.

Yes, it costs about eight bucks now but the price will go up when the app reaches the 1.0 version, but those who buy now get a free upgrade.

The Going to Bed Book – Boynton ($3.07)

If you have little kids, you’ve heard of the author Sandra Boynton. Her sweet and silly board books capture a child’s attention like nothing since Dr. Seuss. The fanciful drawings and funny rhymes come alive in your imagination and here they get interactive.

Rock the story’s ark with a tap of your finger, turn on the faucet for the teeth brushing and hear the water rush and then see it fog-up the screen. Each page features interactive content that will make you and your little ones smile and laugh.

Agent (Shoot the Targets) ($2.99)

Load up your finger gun ‘cause this app takes you to a virtual shooting range. Pick from among different scenarios like “Don’t Shoot the Innocent” then tap the screen to shoot. The targets look as realistic as ones you’d find in a gun club. You must move quickly and accurate to get a high score. If you shoot an “innocent” (an unarmed person or child) you’ll hear a scream.

Look out  - some of these targets shoot back.

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