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Seagate GoFlex tops Android Apps of the Week

by Kristen Nicole

Cloud storage and access is fast becoming a priority for mobile app developers and consumers alike. Android devices have become the perfect portals to access all the stuff we keep across devices, with Seagate’s newest Android app dedicated to cloud content delivery. Big brands like Capital One and Nissan are also leveraging the cloud to deliver mobile banking and car management directly from your Android.

Seagate GoFlex Media (Free)

We have so many devices now, from the workplace to our homes and everywhere in between, that we rely on the cloud to access the files and media we need. Seagate’s launched a dedicated app for Android, adding a local “cloud” storage drive for existing users. GoFlex Media, already compatible with Android tablets, now has a smartphone app to tap into its 500GB satellite disk drive. With the Apple iCloud set to launch next month, Android users will be looking for comparable services, and GoFlex Media is hoping to be one option.

Capital One (Free)

Mobile banking apps were quick to take advantage of our instant-access addiction, and Capital One’s finally caught on. Its new Android app delivers credit card and bank account information on-the-go, with a few management options to keep you organized and on top of your finances. Pay bills, transfer funds, locate ATMs and branch offices, and get the run down on your Rewards information. You also get transaction history, and details on your account balances. The app is designed to mimic much of what Capital One offers on its website, joining the ranks of most other major financial institutions, from Chase to Wells Fargo.

Nissan LEAF (Free)

If you’re green enough to get the Nissan LEAF car, then you’re probably all for efficiency. That’s what this new Android app is going for, with a mobile control panel for managing your vehicle. Check your battery charge, know when the charge will be complete, and see your estimated driving range. The mobile accompaniment to the Carwings subscription service, the Nissan Leaf app lets you control your car from a distance too. Modify your climate control system and begin charging your battery, all from the comfort of your phone. It’s another step towards the integrated vehicle, where your Android smartphone is a mere hub.

IntoNow (Free)

Like your favorite TV junkie that seems to know everything about every season and episode, the new IntoNow app provides a social database for all your favorite shows. The idea is to engage with TV programs in a social way. When the TV is on, tap the app’s green button and it will identify the show and episode, pulling up information about the program. Kind of like Shazam for TV, you get associated links for additional program information and discovery tools to find similar shows. The social end comes into play when you share a program with Facebook and Twitter friends. Here you can see what shows you and your friends have in common, and IntoNow will also send alerts when you and your friends are watching the same show at the same time.

360 (Free)

Teliportme launched the beta version of the 360 photo app earlier this year, offering a way to capture 360-degree panoramas with your Android phone camera. As the app’s function is highly reliant on individual devices, the developer team has spent the last few months improving the app for an official public launch this week. Updates to the app include compass calibration hints on the stitching screen, and better error detection during stitching. 360 has also been made more social with public photo streams and images of other users in the vicinity, incorporating more sharing capabilities within this revolutionary photo app.

textPlus Messenger+Group Text (Free)

Mobile communication is getting more synchronized and useful every day. And with new initiatives like Google+, privatized group messaging is also gaining in popularity. textPlus is a free messenger tool that combines instant messages, group chat and media-sharing, letting you circumvent using your plan minutes or simply to have an easy way to share with more than one person at a time. textPlus is all about speed and usability, with a steady stream of updates taking user needs into account. Features include push notifications, quick-response pop-ups, an integrated inbox and personalized messages for your friends. Your messages are also backed up to the cloud, so you can access them offline or by signing-in from another device.

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