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Fresh Android Apps for Aug. 4: Google+ update, Rackspace, Do it (Tomorrow), Star Legends Beta

by Ian Black

Need another social outlet? Google has reacted to user feedback about Google+ issues by posting an updated app to the Android Market with several user experience improvements.

Meanwhile, IT administrators should find the new Rackspace app helpful, procrastinators will love Do It (Tomorrow), and sci-fi gamers can try the beta of Star Legends.

Google+ update (Free)

Google listens. At least, that’s what it communicates through its latest update of the Google+ social app. This release focuses on usability enhancements which beta users mentioned in forums and on the Web.

Download this update for improved notifications, streams not rolling to the top when you switch from portrait to landscape, clickable links in huddles, improved autocomplete when adding people to huddles, the ability to hide 1:1 huddles, and much more.

Rackspace (Free)

Are you responsible for a web service hosted by Rackspace? Rejoice. This new app gives you administrative access to your hosted application. You can create, delete, or resize cloud servers, change a cloud server’s root password, perform hard and soft reboots, manage backup schedules, and so on.

In trouble? Contact Rackspace’s “fanatical” support via phone or Twitter directly from the app.

Do It (Tomorrow) (Free)

Never do today what you can put off until tomorrow. Productivity is overrated, say this app’s creators. This simple time management app only shows the short term – today and tomorrow. With a quick tap, you can move items on today’s list to tomorrow.

You can also edit existing tasks or re-order them and sync tasks up to the cloud. It’s free so try it today – or tomorrow.

Star Legends Beta (Free)

Beam up to the latest sci-fi MMOG (Massively Multiplayer Online Game). Star Legends: The Blackstar Chronicles is currently in Beta, which means it's free to try.

What will you find? Mysteriously hijacked space ships, alien-infested asteroids, and advanced science labs with a secret. Suit-up in your nanofiber vest, holster your double flash gun, then join about a million other people in a new virtual world.

Even in beta, you can purchase Platinum offers for faster progress or unique gear.

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