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Fresh Android Apps for Aug. 3: PC Monitor, Wikitude Drive US, LEGO Creationary

by Ian Black

In today’s fresh Android Apps, keep close tabs on your PC with PC Monitor, drive with a new view using Wikitude Drive US, and get creative with LEGO Creationary.

PC Monitor (Free)

What’s the best thing about the new 2.0 update of the PC Monitor app? The new price – zero dollars. Now there’s no reason not to check it out.

The app lets you monitor your Windows PC, Windows Server, or Exchange Server using your Android device. View who is logged-in, CPU usage, or running processes, or browse the hard drive. Then, take action by starting and stopping services, killing a process, logging users out, and other administrative actions.

You’ll need to download a companion program onto your PC or server before you take control.

Wikitude Drive US ($14.32)

Here’s a fresh idea. Navigation has become mainstream, but it is usually based on maps. This app gives navigation a new perspective using the concept of Augmented Reality. To use this app, you look through your Android device’s camera and see the road ahead of you overlaid with the path of your route. Big arrows tell you when to turn.

The creators claim the advantage is that you will never need to take your eyes off the road. This AR navigation works in pedestrian mode as well.

LEGO Creationary (Free)

Think Pictionary with LEGO building blocks. This mobile app is based on the LEGO board game of the same name. Choose a puzzle pack – only three are available in this first outing – then roll the dice to select a puzzle.

The app starts to build a recognizable item or creature from the overall pack category. You try to guess what the item is in the least number of moves. Sounds easy? Think again.

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