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Fresh Android Apps for Aug. 2: Mizuu Movies Lite, Platinum Air Hockey (Pro), Deflecticon Lite, Tap-Tap Rockets Lite

by Ian Black

It’s debt ceiling day. Has America run out of cash?

Plan your mental escape with a triple feature of movies with Mizuu Movies Lite, then play out your frustrations on a prehistoric air hockey table in Platinum Air Hockey (Pro), a TRON-like ping pong room in Deflecticon, or in outer space with Tap-Tap Rockets.

Mizuu Movies Lite (Free)

Own a tablet and love movies? Look no further. Mizuu Movies lets you create a database of your films using the vast wealth of knowledge known as IMDb in an app created specifically for Honeycomb platform-based tablets.

The app recognizes movies in a wide variety of formats and will automatically look up their details in IMDb. You can search your list, share with others using social networks, or create a sub-list of favorites.

Platinum Air Hockey (Pro) ($1.08)

You may have seen air hockey apps for the phone but this one is a little different. First, it was designed for Android Tablets and second, it features crazy themes like prehistoric, casino, and basketball.

Play against the tablet, another player using your tablet or against someone else over Wi-Fi. For an extra challenge, make the game harder using by adjusting the difficulty setting.

Deflecticon Lite (Free)

Pong was the original arcade game – a strangely addictive 2D ping pong battle. Deflecticon harkens back to those innocent days with a 3D twist.

You hold a paddle in front of you and must hit a bouncing ball past your opponent at the opposite end of a long rectangular room. Use the sides, top and bottom of the room to angle the ball and shoot it past your challenger. The wall behind the opponent is a grid of blocks – hit the same block behind him twice and you’ll level-up.

A rocking soundtrack completes this blast from the past.

Tap-Tap Rockets Lite (Free)

This asteroid game comes with a new spin. Literally, a 360 degree circle motion drives the game.

You command groups of ships circling in small orbits at different points on the screen. Killer asteroids are rolling in from all angles. Tap the circles to release the missiles at just the right angle to destroy the space boulders and raise your score. Use OpenFeint to taunt your friends into the action.

Purchase the pay version to get 27 more levels.

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