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Fresh Android Apps for Aug. 1: DeskSMS (Free Beta), IntoNow, Quell

by Ian Black

This is the beginning of your last month of summer. Use the power of Android apps to eke all the goodness out of these peaceful days. Send your text messages to your PC with DeskSMS, track your TV watching with IntoNow, and meditate on a solution to Quell.

DeskSMS Free Beta (Free)

My only complaint about text messaging is the tiny keyboard. DeskSMS solves this problem.

This service forwards your SMS messages to Gmail and Google Chat so that you can use your PC to read and respond to text messages. Best of all, when you reply, the recipients will get a text message from your phone number.

It’s an open beta so check it out for yourself – but the developers warn you might encounter a few bugs.

IntoNow (Free)

Call this Shazam! for TV. Point your phone’s camera at the TV, press the button and IntoNow will find what the show is, which episode you’re watching, and provide links to more info.

Share your TV finds on Facebook and Twitter or be alerted when your friends are watching the same show. One touch brings you to the IMDb entry for whatever you are viewing.

Quell ($1.62)

Think of Quell as a Zen puzzler. There are no guns, no explosions, no rocking soundtrack, just a serene maze of circles and blocks. Slide the blue ball one move at a time to touch each yellow dot on the board. You’ll need to push blocks around and dive through teleportation portals to solve each puzzle in the shortest number of moves.

There’s no stress though. The game remembers you score – the lowest number of moves – which you can try to beat at your own pace next time.

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