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Hashable Android app helps remember people you've met

by Caitlin M. Foyt

How many times have you met someone, added him or her on a social network, then forgot about it? Hashable is a great app for people on the move that helps in networking and in remembering the connections you've made.

The next time you meet someone at an event, in that moment, log the people you meet directly into the Hashable app. You just need an email address or Twitter user name. Later, instead of flipping through your Rolodex (or, in my case, trying to make sense of that unorganized pile of business cards), you'll be able to find this person right away. Also, the app is synched up with your phone's address book, so you can quickly and easily make contact.

When you post a connection, you can assign a hash tag to classify this interaction. The app comes with a few standard tags — #lunch or #drinks, for example — and the app recognizes when you've created one of your very own.  One of the app's standard hash tags is #justmet, which sends your new acquaintance a copy of your very own digital business card.

There are two different ways to log contacts in Hashable, under the “connections” category, which is the kind of interaction I referenced above, and there's “introductions,” which is a way to create a relationship between two people digitally. A fun feature of introductions is that basic personal information about each of these two people is shared so the meeting is more memorable.

If you met someone who also has the Hashable app, the two of you can swap information by placing the phone's near each other, and tapping into the app's near-field communication feature. (I didn't come upon another Hashable user while I was conducting my review, so I did not have the opportunity to try this out.)

Hashable also allows users to easily search for contacts, and you can also program the app to remind you to make contact

In writing, the app does feel a bit complex on the surface, but, if you're already comfortable with networking professionally and you have even a single social network, you can begin to understand why Hashable is such a handy resource. The app's mother site has some very detailed articles that are meant to make things easy. If you play with it a bit, though, you'll probably get the hang of it. (To save yourself some embarrassment, make sure you get a feel for how the thing works before using it in front of any potential contacts.)

The app is well-designed, works well and it's a brilliant concept. I wish, though, that there was a way to make the app a little less intimidating at first glance.

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