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GrubHub delivers the goods, tops Android Apps of the Week

by Kristen Nicole

Personalized search on a local level: That’s what mobile is all about. GrubHub takes this to heart, updating its Android app for better results to feed your appetite. If you’re working on the go, VMware and HomePipe offer some great virtualization tools to access files and manage your desktop when you’re away from the office. Living life in the fast lane has never been easier, with Android at the helm. Learn more about these titles and others in this edition of Android Apps of the Week.

GrubHub update (free)

As an early GrubHub user, I was happy when the take-out restaurant search tool went mobile. You can save credit cards and past orders to speed up the process for the next go-round, and GrubHub’s made search even easier with full integration on Google’s standard search bar. If you’re looking for local restaurants that deliver to your doorstep, start with GrubHub. It filters restaurants based on your tastes, lets you browse full menus, and manages your orders.

VMware View (free)

Need to access your home or office computer? VMware View offers a very handy remote desktop application for your Android phone. Version 4.6 is now available in the Android Market, though it’s still a preview version. It works with Windows computers, bringing your desktop straight to your mobile phone. VMware’s been on a roll lately, unveiling the vSphere 5 server earlier this month. Mobile is a huge part of this company’s virtualization efforts, and it’s put a lot of resources into apps such as VMware View. The effort surely shows.

HomePipe (free)

Another way to access your computer’s content is HomePipe. It provides remote access and the ability to share files of any size across all your supported devices. Need those photos on your iPad? Pull them through HomePipe. Forgot to email yourself a document on the laptop you left on the kitchen table? HomePipe is the way. There’s no syncing, so this app is in many ways a secure way to share photos with friends. A recent update to HomePipe’s Android app adds more features around sharing, with auto-sign out that removes access to a shared file once you’ve closed the app out. You can also post items to Facebook and create iTunes playlists with the latest HomePipe upgrade to share with your friends.

Quickoffice Pro HD ($19.99)

Quickoffice Pro for Android added several useful features that make mobile work much easier. For starters, there’s enhanced image rendering and improved document loading, along with scrolling options and photo caching to save your device’s memory. Quickpoint updates include new editing features, which also center around photo management and presentation. It’s hard enough to work on spreadsheets from a mobile device, so Quickoffice incorporated a control redesign, giving you the ability to edit, select and scroll through different cells and better leverage the new formula builder for quicker editing.

AmazonFresh (free)

The latest Amazon storefront app is AmazonFresh, a grocery store for shopping on the go. As with the web version, you can customize certain aspects of your order, choosing home delivery time parameters and viewing past purchases. But with mobile at hand, shopping for groceries through Amazon is more interactive. Use the barcode scanner the next time you’re out shopping for groceries, to add items to your Quicklist. The app is local to Seattle only, but we hope to see this one spread to more cities soon.

ZocDoc (free)

If it’s a doctor you need instead of groceries, check out the ZocDoc Android app. Search by location and accepted insurance coverage to find the right doctor for you. The free app provides doctor profiles based on your search and you can read reviews from patients. But the best part about the app is that it allows you to make appointments directly from your phone, with calendar management so you can see upcoming (and past) appointments.

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