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Fresh Android Apps for July 28: Dolphin for Pad, GT Racing, Zombie Runaway, Poetry Foundation

by Ian Black

Got Honeycomb? Maximize your tablet with Dolphin for Pad. Also in today’s Fresh Apps, hit the road with GT Racing, and walk (or run) a mile in the shoes of the less fortunate with Zombie Runaway.Got culture? Take a break from zombies, pop tunes, and updating your status to experience the power of the written word. Download Poetry from the Poetry Foundation now.

Dolphin for Pad Beta (Free)

Mobotab releases a beta of the Dolphin Browser specifically for Android tablets. Use the numerous add-ons to customize the look and feel to your liking. Then, use finger gestures to navigate through the web with ease. The browser’s tabs provide a desktop-like web experience with the elegance of touch controls.

Side panes show your bookmarks and a list of tabs. And, one setting lets you toggle desktop and mobile views. Contact the developers with your praise or concerns due the beta period.

GT Racing: Motor Academy (Free)

Live the dream of being a racecar driver. Pass the driving tests then drop the hammer on realistic car on true-to-life tracks.

Shop for rides from among 111 vehicles by 26 manufacturers, including the Nissan GT-R, Audi R8, top-tier Ferraris and even, for laughs, a Ford Model T. Tune your car for maximum performance but only your driving skills will capture the trophies.

Play against up to six real racers either locally or online from around the world.

Zombie Runaway (Free)

Behold the last zombie on earth! If only that were true, we might be nearing the end of our global fascination with the walking dead.

Feel the plight of the hunted creature as mankind tries to hunt him down then run, jump, and dodge to keep him alive, or uh, undead. Smash rocks and gravestones for power-ups and special Gears that provide extra strength and greater avoidance skills. Achieve Blitz Mode for a taste of invincibility and compare your running times against your friends with the leader board.

Poetry from Poetry Foundation (Free)

This shake of your Android won’t tell you where to eat but it might just enrich your brain. The Poetry Foundation’s gift to mankind is an app that lets you browse both classic and modern poems from the likes of William Shakespeare, Walt Whitman, Emily Dickinson, Allen Ginsberg, Frank O'Hara, Heather McHugh, Dean Young, Sylvia Plath, César Vallejo, and many, many more.

Shake your phone to bring up a random rhyme or drill down to the works of a favorite poet and share it over the social network of your choice.

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