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Fresh Android Apps for July 27: SmartWidget, Death Cop, Save Toshi HD

by Ian Black

Let’s hear a round of applause for the unsung heroes of mobile apps – the widgets. In today’s fresh Android list, SmartWidget reminds us just how brainy and useful these homescreen helpers can be.When it’s time for a mid-week break, check out the horribly misnamed but still fun Death Cop, or the formerly only-on-iPhone dance sensation Save Toshi.

SmartWidget (Free)

This widget makes your life easier and might help you get things done faster. The widget watches what apps you launch and adds shortcuts to your home page for those you don’t already have there.

It keeps learning as you use your phone and continues to update as needed. When you first install it, the widget posts a “still learning” message prior to adding the first shortcuts.

Death Cop (Free)

Don’t let the sensational app name fool you. This game stars not robo-cops but Mech soldiers. You play mechanical tech augmented warriors doing battle against enemy creatures.

Choose among three different Mech machines with different skills. Weapons include Uzi, flamethrower, grenade launcher, shotgun, and other firearms. Missions take you from the desert, to snow-capped mountains, to deserted prisons, and even up into space.

Save Toshi HD (Free)

OK, this one is a little hard to describe but fans say you should really just download it and try it out for yourself. Basically it’s a puzzle game in 3D with a zany backstory.Anime character Toshi loves to dance.

Unfortunately, she’s been kidnapped and caged in a 3D puzzle. Somehow, perhaps due to trauma, she’s forgotten how to walk so it’s up to you to guide her through the puzzle to get her to her dance floor where she can regain her memory and bust a move. You’ll have to destroy obstacles with finger taps, rotate the board by dragging your finger, spin stuff, push things, and much more. When she starts her dance, you’ll know it was worth all the brainteaser effort.

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