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Text and make calls for free with Viber Android app

by Ian Black

Is it too late for a new free calling and texting service to jump into the pool of such services on Android? I think not. Viber focuses on ease of use, and hits the mark.

What’s different? You don’t need to sign up for anything nor entice your friends into a new social network. All you and your call or text recipients need is the Viber app itself, which is available on both iOS and Android.

Just download the app and enter your phone number. Viber cleverly uses your phone number as your ID in the service. This means that none of your current contacts need to change any contact information about you, and vice versa. Viber uses your phone’s contacts for easy calling or texting by search and touch. This is a key usability feature that Viber offers over free calling services that create new phone numbers for you in their service.

The menu buttons are straightforward. Receipts list both incoming texts and calls for easy reply or callback. The "Contacts" buttons shows all your phone’s contact with a separate tab for those who have the Viber app installed (it knows via their phone number in the Viber database). A keypad button lets you dial as you normally would — if the phone number isn’t in the Viber database, it asks if you want to place a regular cell call. "Messages" manages your Viber texts. And, "More" shows settings, lets you send invites, tweet about the service, and more.

It’s free, so trying it is easy. Will it take off as a service? You decide.

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