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Fresh Android Apps for July 25: SceneTap, Captain America, Ironplan HD, Japan Life

by Ian Black

I can’t tell you how effective the new SceneTap service is because my wife won’t let me keep the app on my phone. Perhaps you can check it out for me and let me know.

When it’s time for virtual fun and games try the superhero fun of Captain America, the retro space war of Ironplane HD, and the time management puzzle called Japan Life.

SceneTap (Free)

It was bound to happen. SceneTap lets you cruise bars over your phone before you even arrive. Want to know how full a bar is or the current female to male ratio or average age of the patrons? The social nightlife app will provide the details.

You can also browse the latest local deals on drinks and appetizers, find ratings from other SceneTap users, or check-in to an establishment via Facebook, SceneTap, and Foursquare all at once. Finally, send a message to a bar and get a response from someone there. Cheers!

Captain America ($0.99)

It’s not just McDonald’s and video game console cashing in on movie tie-ins. Now, the Android Market delivers a just-in-time game companion to the film Captain America: First Avenger.

The game claims stunning 3D graphics with a storyline by a Marvel writer and comic panels by Marvel artists. You play Cap as he battles against The Red Skull and Hydra during WWII. Tour 24 levels over 3 episodes and unlock more hidden levels with your patriotic skills.

Ironplane HD ($1.99)

Love space shooter action? In Ironplane you control a sci-fi ship in the midst of battle against an advanced alien race. Fight in worlds of land, sea, sky, and space with bombs, lasers, atomic missiles and other weapons.

Many people who have already downloaded the game say the graphics are great, the soundtrack is fun, and the action is relentless. If you miss the space ship games of the 80s and 90s, look no further than this. Is it worth 2 bucks? Fans say don’t hesitate.

Japan Life (Free)

You’ve built farms, run the mob, managed groceries stores, and restaurants but these pursuits all probably seem easy after trying Japan Life.

Here you must turn you little Japanese hamlet town into a bustling tourist attraction. Manage the building of new buildings with classic Nippon architecture, build parks, plant flowers, unlock shops, and decorate.Like other “born to run things” games, this one allows you to brag to your friends over Facebook to drag them into the competition.

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