Try Participate Learning — Better teaching through digital resources. Meet the Members: Ashley Wilhite(@AshleyD)

by Shara Karasic

Ashley Wilhite, a counselor from Austin, TX, is a new member of who rocks an HTC EVO and loves blogging and social media. Check out her list of social apps for Android or her growing list of Android app reviews.

1. Tell us about yourself - where you live, your job, things you like to do.

I am a counselor in the Austin area and work primarily with children in crisis. Blogging, social media, cheese and 90's pop music are what keep me sane.

2. Which Android device or devices do you own? Why did you choose Android? How do you customize your device?

I have an Android- HTC EVO.

3. Is there a particular category of apps that interests you the most?

Social media apps and photography apps are my favorite, but I also throw in a few productivity apps for good measure.

4. What are your top apps and why?

FxCamera, Twitter for Android, GasBuddy, ColorNote, and Google+.

5.  What apps are popular among your colleagues and friends?

Foursquare, Shazam, and Words With Friends.

6. Give an example of a time an app was truly useful to you.

I was leaving work and remembered I needed to get gas on my way home. I checked my GasBuddy app and discovered the gas station three blocks away was $.25 cheaper than any other spot in town! That was a happy day!

7. What other member do you admire the most and why?

Since I'm relatively new to Appolicious, I'm going to have to say Doniree since she introduced to me to the site. I also love that she shares such a variety of interests through her apps.

8. Do you have any URL’s you’d like to share?

Blog: and Twitter: @AshleyD.

9. Anything else you'd like to share with the Appolicious audience?

I try to offer my honest opinion on the apps I review, but I also keep in mind that just because an app doesn't work for me, that doesn't mean it won't work for you! 

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