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Fresh Android Apps for July 21: Viber, Biofrenzy: Frag the Zombies, Slash

by Ian Black

Does your monthly plan include voice minutes? You may need to reconsider the amount you pay for after downloading Viber. When it’s time for fun check out the cartoon massacre of BioFrenzy: Frag the Zombies or the fruitless Slash.

Viber (Free)

Do you hear that screaming? It’s the cellular service providers reacting to the launch of Viber. This free calling and texting service just came out of beta on Android and aims to shake things up.

Sure there are other free voice services , but this one uses your real phone number as your identity so there is no need to learn new numbers for your friends. Also, there is no registration, everyone you call on Viber must have the app on their phone (currently available for iOS and Android), that’s it.Need more? How about no ads and free international calls too. Interested yet?

Biofrenzy: Frag the Zombies ($1.03)

It’s getting so that people will have to put “killing zombies” on their LinkedIn profile under Other Interests.

This side-scroller kicks it up a notch by letting you shoot four (out of the available 20) weapons simultaneously. Super smooth 60 frames per second cartoonish graphics make all the violence seamless.Use the Bullet Time button to slow down the action (a la The Matrix) as you splatter the zombies into little undead puddles.

Slash (Free)

Tired of slicing fruit? Venture back to ancient Egypt to practice the slash the way they did it back in the old country. Carve up shapes by using your finger. You must slice away a certain percentage of the shape before you can move up to the next level.

What’s hard? Tiny scarab beetles bounce around inside the shapes encased in little bubbles. You must not let any beetles fall away with the pieces you slice off and you can’t pop any bubbles as you slash. And, there’s a time limit burning away on Ankh at the top of the screen.

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